Your electrician in Marbella

The company Installation Optimum was founded in Marbella on 01.07.1999 and is now located in Elviria since 2002. Successfully in charge is Mr. Peter Fintzen. Since then we are offering on the costa del Sol, between Fuengirola and Estepona, the complete spectrum of electrical installation, electrical repairs, technical service and property services. Everything of course with german quality and reliability.

We are "the good contact" when it comes to your house and home.

Installation Optimum S.L.,
29604 Marbella - Elviria,
Tel: 0034 - 952 83 61 29

Installation Optimum, S.L.
Electro Marbella. Everything you need in Electrical installation, Technical Service, Electrical underfloor heating, House and Gardenlights,
Irrigation Controls, Pooltechnology, Poolpumps, Aircondition, Automatic generators, etc.