Technical Service

Our technical service consists of:

- Electrical installation
- Electrical repair
- Electrical underfloor heating
- Motors for automatic gates, gate controls
- Irrigation controls
- House and gardenlights
- Pooltechnology
- Poolpumps
- Pressure pumps / booster pumps
- Automatic generators
- Aircondition
- Hot water boilers
- Glas / mirrors
- Frameless showerdoors
- Mosquito sreens
- Shutters / Shuttermotors
- Awnings / Awning motors

And much more.

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House and gardenlights Electrical installation

Installation Optimum, S.L.
Electro Marbella. Everything you need in Electrical installation, Technical Service, Electrical underfloor heating, House and Gardenlights,
Irrigation Controls, Pooltechnology, Poolpumps, Aircondition, Automatic generators, etc.